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Swallow Back the Years

I do not want my kids to grow up. There. I said it. I like them little. I like how they smell. I like how my daughter’s voice still sounds about half her age when we talk on the phone. … Continue reading

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Why (Our) “Redshirting” Is None of Your Beeswax

My son, now four, was born a week before his due date and three weeks before the academic year starts. I don’t work in education and we don’t put our infants in school in Wisconsin, but trust me, there’s good … Continue reading

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Piss and Cheerios

He pissed in my cereal bowl a few weeks ago, brought it to me with a smile. Diabolical, was it? He slapped me because I wouldn’t let him drive the car. He hit my 6-year-old daughter and screamed in her … Continue reading

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