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When they came home, I laid upon the soft spots at the bridges of their noses a kiss, which was more like a gulp for air. I desperately needed to drink in the kind of oxygen that only a mother’s children can bring to her … Continue reading

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Mother, Sister, Daughter, Pornographer

Hello, strangers and loyal followers! It’s been many, many moons since I last posted on the Momplex. If you regularly visit my blog to see if there are any new updates, (1) I’m flattered, (2) you have stamina, and (3) hope you’ve … Continue reading

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Piss and Cheerios

He pissed in my cereal bowl a few weeks ago, brought it to me with a smile. Diabolical, was it? He slapped me because I wouldn’t let him drive the car. He hit my 6-year-old daughter and screamed in her … Continue reading

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Signs of Life

I used to drive by houses like mine and cringe a little. You know the kind, right? A place with promise and pocked with plastic playthings: I can’t count how many times I’ve complained about our place looking like a … Continue reading

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Remembering Six

My daughter turned six last week. Am I scared of her growing up? Who, me? Who said that? So what if she came home yesterday proclaiming the “greatest action hero” to be Bruce Willis? So what if she asked me … Continue reading

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