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The Latest Post-Partum Depression Fix: Flamboyant Baby Boy Clothes

My baby son is dressed like something out of Brokeback Mountain right now. He’s wearing a plaid flannel get-up that runs from head to toe with mother-of-pearl snap-buttons. My husband almost barfed when he saw it this morning. I purposely … Continue reading

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My Hot Date Night

From the Momplex archives, 2009: Today my husband and I begin “date nights,” honoring our commitment to set aside Wednesday nights for just each other. Of course, like any other night in our home, these nights will have to start … Continue reading

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Letting My Husband Cry It Out

My husband snores, a lot. He’s done it for years. Several months ago, it became patently clear that he needed to learn to fall asleep–and stay asleep–without me. It was a hard journey. Used to be, no matter what time … Continue reading

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Dear Blockbuster Parents

I know it’s been a long day for you and you just wanted to get that last copy of Away We Go before it’s been scooped up by some other Indie couple that had a long day at work. But … Continue reading

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Infants are Such (Sun)Downers

It’s 10:20 p.m. Both my kids are in bed. But really, they’re still running around in my head, one of them saying, “Mom! Watch what I can do! Look at me! Look at me!” and the other just going, “Waaaaah! … Continue reading

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Not Enough Mom to Go Around

From the Momplex Archives: My better half (and I really mean that) has been gone for almost three weeks, working on getting a bunch of soldiers ready for deployment. He’s in the National Guard, and what’s normally a two-week annual … Continue reading

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Fly Your Freak Flag, Er, I Mean White Flag

This one’s dedicated to all you folks out there with babies who don’t sleep well. You deserve untold rewards! We gave up on sleep training. It was a bust. I’m sorry to any poor souls out there who stumbled across … Continue reading

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