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It started with a feverThat led to a thermometerInside an open mouthThat seemed too redWith white bumps in back,Which led to the doctorWho made us waitIn her greenhouse of germsWhere virus smears lurkAnd love little bodiesLike the ones with strep,So … Continue reading


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Silverstein for Parents

I’ve been writing Shel Siverstein-istic things for parents here and there, because I don’t have time to write the great American novel. Also, because I’m lost in parenthood land, I tend to think in raps and rhymes a lot. Anyway, … Continue reading

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Where the Sidecar Ends

Come with me, to the bottom of the glassWhere you’re smart and you’re funny and you’ve got a great assWhere you can’t smell the diapers and can hear your own thoughtsWhere your shirt is not covered in spit-up or Mott’s. … Continue reading

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