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The Longest Marathon: How I Survived a Sleepless, Screaming, Crying, Colicky Baby

My daughter rocked a killer tan when she was a newborn. It was actually jaundice, but it made her look all devil-may-care bronzed. Strangers would peer under the hood of her car seat and remark on her golden complexion. “Hello, … Continue reading

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Unbreakable Girls: Lessons in Extraordinary Resilience

Kendall Smedley was just twelve years old when a latent snarl of malformed vessels in her brain—there since birth—ruptured and left her lifeless in the ER at a children’s hospital in Madison, Wisconsin. That night, whether by chance or providence, … Continue reading

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Swallow Back the Years

I do not want my kids to grow up. There. I said it. I like them little. I like how they smell. I like how my daughter’s voice still sounds about half her age when we talk on the phone. … Continue reading

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