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More Depressing than a Sad Santa

From the Momplex archives: It would be an understatement to say I’ve been a little blue lately. Blue’s such a pretty color anyway. Why don’t we refer to the doldrums with a color like diarrhea brown, as in “I’ve been … Continue reading

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My husband is a soldier. It’s odd for me to type that out. Frankly, I think it makes him sound like a scuzzball that drives around in a rusty truck wearing a wifebeater t-shirt, listening to Lee Greenwood and Def … Continue reading

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Not Enough Mom to Go Around

From the Momplex Archives: My better half (and I really mean that) has been gone for almost three weeks, working on getting a bunch of soldiers ready for deployment. He’s in the National Guard, and what’s normally a two-week annual … Continue reading

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