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Why (Our) “Redshirting” Is None of Your Beeswax

My son, now four, was born a week before his due date and three weeks before the academic year starts. I don’t work in education and we don’t put our infants in school in Wisconsin, but trust me, there’s good … Continue reading

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Have We Met?

(A little something to mark the end of summer, originally posted September 2009) See me. That’s all I ask. I know I’m the same size As the girl to the left And the boy to the right. I know there are … Continue reading

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Songs for Sale

If you’re not a regular reader, I hope you found this blog entry by Googling “high-needs baby” or “shrill cry.” This is what one of those babies can be like when she gets to be about six: It’s a new … Continue reading

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Places Where You May Not Play: A Christmas Break Reminder

In the fireplace ashes.In the unmanned car.In the street.In my sanctuary. (That’s French for bedroom, dear.)In my underwear drawer.In my bed while I’m sleeping, or was.In my shred of personal space while I’m on the phone.Understand? Also…Next to your brother’s … Continue reading

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