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Where Babies Come From (Hint: It’s Not Your Ear)

My kids are confused about sex. I can’t blame them. So am I. When you think about the whole shebang, it is kind of a weird thing. But I probably shouldn’t call it a shebang, right? Trust me, that is … Continue reading

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Welcome to Our House of Filth

Last week I walked into our guest bathroom and found this on our cabinet: Let me just say it’s never a good thing to find creamy dark brown fingerprints on a bathroom cabinet in a home where young children toilet. … Continue reading

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Move Over Brownies: I Got MOM Flair

As I stood ironing badges onto my third-grader’s Brownie vest this morning, I was reminded of a brilliant entrepreneurial idea I had when her little brother was a baby. Well, at least I thought it was brilliant. Here is her … Continue reading

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10 Reasons the Elderly Are Not Like Little Kids

I’ve heard it my whole life, the notion that elderly people are a lot like little kids. I know regression takes place over the final years. I’ve seen firsthand how Father Time eventually subtracts some of the most basic skills, … Continue reading

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Rose-Colored Glasses on a Someday Badass (So You Think You Want to Be a Mom?)

My daughter wants to be Angelina Jolie when she grows up. That’s not how she puts it. She doesn’t even know who Angelina is. But she’s been telling me for years that she wants to “adopt nine or ten kids … Continue reading

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Whack-a-Mole: Parenting in an Intrusive World

Poop-slinging is not just for primates. I know, because I experience it as a mom firsthand all the time. I’m not talking about literal poo once flung at me by kicking baby legs—technically, that’s not slung. I’m talking about the … Continue reading

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5 Soft Milestones of Childhood

After the baby and toddler years, it sure seems like milestones get fewer and farther between. I have to wonder if that’s just what the baby books with the pre-filled headings would have us think. “Baby’s First Tooth” and “Baby’s … Continue reading

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