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A Stranger Saved My Dad’s Life, and this Is the Least I Could Do to Pay It Forward

“Yeah, Doug? If you want to go over the contract, we can work on that meeting next week.” “Mr. Fiore, this is the nurse. Did you need something?”  In the days following my dad’s heart transplant two years ago, he … Continue reading

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How Parenthood–and a New Heart–Taught Me to Appreciate My Dad

For six months, I had a battery-operated dad. This is different—significantly—from having a battery-operated “boyfriend.” (We all know what that looks like.) My dad’s battery was a big, heavy square that fit into a wearable pouch given to him in … Continue reading


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This won’t be pretty. There will be blood, lots of it. Your hair is going to fall out in big clumps in the drain. You might become chronically anemic. It will be expensive, of course. And you’ll never sleep well … Continue reading

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