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My Cantankerous Little McCain

If you came here looking for a political spar, sorry. Being a new mom during major elections sucks: I mean, I know what sounds like bullshit, but I’m in no position to debate the finer points and could only rely on invective to back myself … Continue reading

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My New Favorite Website

Just a quick plug for my favorite new thing to do while killing time on the Web. Here’s a sample of my handiwork: Originally published 2009 JLF and the Momplex Blog.

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The Season’s Hottest New Accessory: My Kid!

At first, I thought that my new baby was kind of cramping my style. I’m literally talking style, because I gained 50 pounds this pregnancy. How does one dress herself when she’s no longer with child and is instead with all the Saltines and root … Continue reading

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Top 10 Uses for My Post-Partum Gut Roll

1) PILLOW. Not for me but for my kids, as I can’t quite pull the loose flab up to the side of my own head at this point. Not quite. 2) TRAMPOLINE. While not as resilient as the full-size trampoline … Continue reading

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Thanks for Caring, Kiddo

Yesterday, after I picked up my daughter from preschool, I offered to stop and get her a Frosty at Wendy’s. (We have a rule in our house that whenever she asks for sweets, the answer will always be no. She … Continue reading

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Tickle Me Emo

When my daughter was a toddler, a dad once joked to me at a Musikgarten class that he could picture her as a teenager: dressed entirely in black and writing angry poetry in a corner somewhere. As she sulked in … Continue reading

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My Perfect Husband

Let me start by saying I don’t have post-partum depression, at least not of the Brooke Shields variety. I’m just tired. And feeling frumpy. Oh, and I have this. Plus, for anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, I have a … Continue reading

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