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Suck It, La Leche League

My breasts are founts of liquid gold. At least La Leche League thinks so, and my baby boy seems convinced. Perhaps that’s why I love breastfeeding. When nothing else is going right with the baby stuff, breastfeeding buoys us. Even … Continue reading

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My Perfect Husband

Let me start by saying I don’t have post-partum depression, at least not of the Brooke Shields variety. I’m just tired. And feeling frumpy. Oh, and I have this. Plus, for anyone who hasn’t been paying attention, I have a … Continue reading

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S’more Fun than a Backyard Barf-a-que: A Cautionary Tale

This week the Mister and I got it in our fool heads that we should let Miss E, our four-year-old, have a campout sleepover in the backyard. Yes, our four-year-old. Yes, a sleepover. And yes, in the back yard, which … Continue reading

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