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She wasn’t here before. I came first. What happened in the world, happened to me. There was a long stretch before her. Then suddenly she was everything. I became the sea to her boat, and she the sea to mine. … Continue reading

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10 Reasons the Elderly Are Not Like Little Kids

I’ve heard it my whole life, the notion that elderly people are a lot like little kids. I know regression takes place over the final years. I’ve seen firsthand how Father Time eventually subtracts some of the most basic skills, … Continue reading

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Set the Bar Low

Are you with child? Recently squeezed one out? Today’s message was written just for you.  Essentially, it comes from some  future version of you, one that (obviously) you haven’t yet met or even imagined. It’s not the version of you that’s been madly … Continue reading

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Songs for Sale

If you’re not a regular reader, I hope you found this blog entry by Googling “high-needs baby” or “shrill cry.” This is what one of those babies can be like when she gets to be about six: It’s a new … Continue reading

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Boring and Tedious

Well, look at me. It’s happened again. I’m utterly boring and tedious, an absolute zero in the good-company department. I’ve got nothing interesting to say to anyone who’s got something interesting to say. Unless you’re into diapers and nap schedules, … Continue reading

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Who Has It Harder? Me or Mine?

Exhibit A ME: I spent most of yesterday spray painting a loft bed for my 5-year-old. Long story short, I kept running out of paint, had to wedge multiple hardware-store trips between naps and preschool stuff, and ended up inadvertently … Continue reading

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Ghostwriting for My Kids

As a reader and writer, I feel a bit bad that my kids can’t yet journal their lives. I know if I don’t write things down, I tend to forget them. Think of Poor Christina Crawford! Imagine all the counseling … Continue reading

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