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Whack-a-Mole: Parenting in an Intrusive World

Poop-slinging is not just for primates. I know, because I experience it as a mom firsthand all the time. I’m not talking about literal poo once flung at me by kicking baby legs—technically, that’s not slung. I’m talking about the … Continue reading

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Set the Bar Low

Are you with child? Recently squeezed one out? Today’s message was written just for you.  Essentially, it comes from some  future version of you, one that (obviously) you haven’t yet met or even imagined. It’s not the version of you that’s been madly … Continue reading

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Dear Blockbuster Parents

I know it’s been a long day for you and you just wanted to get that last copy of Away We Go before it’s been scooped up by some other Indie couple that had a long day at work. But … Continue reading

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This won’t be pretty. There will be blood, lots of it. Your hair is going to fall out in big clumps in the drain. You might become chronically anemic. It will be expensive, of course. And you’ll never sleep well … Continue reading

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