My Cantankerous Little McCain

If you came here looking for a political spar, sorry. Being a new mom during major elections sucks: I mean, I know what sounds like bullshit, but I’m in no position to debate the finer points and could only rely on invective to back myself up. In other words, I’m like most voters I know (except that I tend to keep my political opinions to myself when they’re just that: opinions). This is particularly crappy, because I’m all for allowing only demonstrably informed individuals a vote. If it weren’t for party platforms staying basically the same, I’d have to sit this election out.

Anyway, I noticed a few weeks ago that my baby boy looks like John McCain — not in the face but in the arms. All newborns do. Those stiff little curled things, held a few inches from the body: Aren’t they cute? Even on McCain.

Do you think it would be inappropriate for me to dress my baby up as John McCain for Halloween? I could give him a little white comb-over, and the slightest hint of melanoma. To wit, when I wear my glasses and pull my hair up, I bear a fair resemblance to Sarah Palin. I’m totally going to do this thing.

Don’t think I won’t. Our firstborn bore a great resemblance to Der Fuhrer when she was a baby. You bet your buns we scribbled a dark moustache on her little upper lip that Halloween. Because that’s politically correct, right?

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3 Responses to My Cantankerous Little McCain

  1. Kristin says:

    Please tell me this actually happened! I love it so much. I can’t bear another baby pumpkin when there is just so much creativity to be unleashed upon our unwitting babies!

  2. Jenny says:

    I wish I’d done it, but it was too hard to fashion a white comb-over on a wriggly baby. I did, however, dress up as Sarah Palin!

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