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Not Done Yet: The You Your Kids Haven’t Met Yet

My living room walls are painted the color of old Coors cans. It’s a sort of muted golden yellow. I didn’t even realize I’d chosen Coors yellow until this week, when I got to feeling sappy about my childhood. The … Continue reading

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Harder than You Think: Why Parents Can’t Shield Their Kids from Adult Material

I was a tween before the word tween was invented, back in the olden days before twerking and junior misses’ g-strings. My parents owned a thick dictionary with a red linen cover, and it contained all the language. When they … Continue reading

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See that Mountain? Redefining Glory Days

The month before I graduated college, one of my writing professors approached me to ask if the university’s English department could use my senior writing portfolio as a model for future classes. She said it was one of the best … Continue reading

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