She wasn’t here before.

I came first.

What happened in the world, happened to me.

There was a long stretch before her.

Then suddenly she was everything.

I became the sea to her boat, and she the sea to mine.

That’s how it is, you know.

One day you just become a parent,

Then whatever happens in the world, happens to your child.

But you? You definitely weren’t here before.

You happened to both of us.

You turned my baby into a big kid, and me into a juggler.

Like a mirror reflecting a mirror,

My baby holds my baby,

And I can see love for an eternity.

Originally posted March 2011

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1 Response to Second-Born

  1. AZAnjanette says:

    ok Joanie…it’s been over a month since you last posted anything. You’re really leaving me hanging over here. SHEESH!!! haha love ya girl!

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