Move Over Brownies: I Got MOM Flair

As I stood ironing badges onto my third-grader’s Brownie vest this morning, I was reminded of a brilliant entrepreneurial idea I had when her little brother was a baby. Well, at least I thought it was brilliant. Here is her Brownie vest:


Excuse me. But why does she get all the flair? What about me? I think we need Mom and Dad Troop vests. I could open a whole online store, complete with badges and buttons for every kind of hell a parent might conquer, big or small. Here is but the tiniest start of mine. I could go crazy with this:

Momscout vest

Copyright ME. Patent Pending.

Only problem? I’d run out of space. I bet you would, too. And moms with grown-up kids? Fuggedabowdit. They’d need a closet full of vests.

Come on, you know you want one.

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7 Responses to Move Over Brownies: I Got MOM Flair

  1. So funny. But then we’d all just be comparing flair all the time and someone would be like that guy on office space that is always talking about his flair!!! There would be drama for sure. 😉

    • Wha? That would be totally weird if moms started trying to one-upping each other’s parenting horrors like that. 😉 Come to think of it, I retract my idea and beg of anyone who comes across it to PLEASE not run with it. The Mommy Wars would explode.

  2. lablover22 says:

    How about a badge for answering the same question over and over. What about an award for repetetive requests to put shoes away?

  3. Shiloh Smith-Wittwer says:

    I remember that idea! Loved it then, love it now!

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