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But I’m Not Dead Yet!

My sister used to love watching Monty Python movies, and one of her favorite parts is this scene from the Holy Grail flick: I’ve been really sick this past week, and I always think of the above scene when I’m in this state. … Continue reading

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Move Over Brownies: I Got MOM Flair

As I stood ironing badges onto my third-grader’s Brownie vest this morning, I was reminded of a brilliant entrepreneurial idea I had when her little brother was a baby. Well, at least I thought it was brilliant. Here is her … Continue reading

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After Birth: The Book Is Out!

Today’s the day! After Birth: Unconventional Writings from the Mommylands is officially out of the bag and off the hook. (Can a middle-aged mom say off the hook?) A collection of humorous and literary essays, After Birth is a great … Continue reading

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Hello, Tweendom. Is That You?

Too old for toys, too young for boys. That’s the description I found when I Googled “age of tweens” the other night. Obviously, I’d had a bad day with one of my kids. I just had to confirm what I … Continue reading

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How Parenthood–and a New Heart–Taught Me to Appreciate My Dad

For six months, I had a battery-operated dad. This is different—significantly—from having a battery-operated “boyfriend.” (We all know what that looks like.) My dad’s battery was a big, heavy square that fit into a wearable pouch given to him in … Continue reading

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