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Top 10 Uses for My Post-Partum Gut Roll

1) PILLOW. Not for me but for my kids, as I can’t quite pull the loose flab up to the side of my own head at this point. Not quite. 2) TRAMPOLINE. While not as resilient as the full-size trampoline … Continue reading

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In Which There Is Waterboarding at the Momplex

Many moons ago, circa 4 B.C. (Before Children), my husband was in South Korea for annual training with the National Guard. He returned with this handsome pair of newlywed ducks as a gift to me: Korean Wedding Ducks are meant … Continue reading

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Why (Our) “Redshirting” Is None of Your Beeswax

My son, now four, was born a week before his due date and three weeks before the academic year starts. I don’t work in education and we don’t put our infants in school in Wisconsin, but trust me, there’s good … Continue reading

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