Mother, Sister, Daughter, Pornographer

Hello, strangers and loyal followers! It’s been many, many moons since I last posted on the Momplex. If you regularly visit my blog to see if there are any new updates, (1) I’m flattered, (2) you have stamina, and (3) hope you’ve enjoyed the hard-core porn that’s now parked at my old URL.

Sigh. It is with a heavy little heart that I report that the .com version of the Momplex was recently taken over by a porn peddler. This is what happens when you forget to renew your domain registration. Believe me you, the barely-legal Asian girls now living at my old URL really were not a matter of me expanding the scope of my blog. I’m sorry to disappoint anyone that thought I’d be adding “Cam Sex,” “Shemale Video,” and “Adult Baptism Gift,” but alas, I am still just focusing on my midwestern mama life. This includes musings on my backyard chickens, my dad’s heart transplant, cyclothymic disorder, immersion learning, life in the dairy belt (or should I say belt buckle?), my BMI, my children’s BMs, and much, much more! I am not yet done — have only been on an extended hiatus — so keep me bookmarked. Just make sure you have me bookmarked at the new .net extension ( Otherwise, you’re in for an eye-ful.

Speaking of which, what is an adult baptism gift? Holy water-based lubricant? A giant cosplay baptism gown and bonnet? I will never know, because I will never click on that filthy link. May a wretched case of scurvy befall those nasty website pirates.

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3 Responses to Mother, Sister, Daughter, Pornographer

  1. JenNadya says:

    Hilarious! Of course, not hilarious that it happened but hilarious how you wrote about it. Sorry you lost your domain! I’m glad to see you’ll be posting again, though!

  2. Kate O. says:

    Oh, god. The thoughts of adult baptism gifts have scarred my mind. I don’t want to imagine, and yet I can’t help it. So sorry you lost your domain, but so glad you’re back!

  3. annajonzin says:

    I haven’t found that an adult baptism gift is a euphemism for anything naughty, but this is a world full of wonder, so perhaps it is.

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