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Places Where You May Not Play: A Christmas Break Reminder

In the fireplace ashes.In the unmanned car.In the street.In my sanctuary. (That’s French for bedroom, dear.)In my underwear drawer.In my bed while I’m sleeping, or was.In my shred of personal space while I’m on the phone.Understand? Also…Next to your brother’s … Continue reading


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Remembering Six

My daughter turned six last week. Am I scared of her growing up? Who, me? Who said that? So what if she came home yesterday proclaiming the “greatest action hero” to be Bruce Willis? So what if she asked me … Continue reading

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Silverstein for Parents

I’ve been writing Shel Siverstein-istic things for parents here and there, because I don’t have time to write the great American novel. Also, because I’m lost in parenthood land, I tend to think in raps and rhymes a lot. Anyway, … Continue reading

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