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Thanks for Caring, Kiddo

Yesterday, after I picked up my daughter from preschool, I offered to stop and get her a Frosty at Wendy’s. (We have a rule in our house that whenever she asks for sweets, the answer will always be no. She … Continue reading

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Take It from the Sheep

I saw a lamb born today. We attended the annual lambing at a nearby farm, packed with families of both the human and animal variety. I knew this particular ewe was in active labor, so I waited and watched as … Continue reading

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Sunday Dawn Haiku

For her:Five-year-old ramblerWineries flourish for youInfinite talking For little him:Upside-down zippersHold winters of discontentAll hail the Sleep Sack For big him:Roaring mouth-breatherKids and suns rise while you sleepA wife’s wrath unfolds Copyright 2009 JLF and the Momplex Blog.


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