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Thanks for Caring, Kiddo

Yesterday, after I picked up my daughter from preschool, I offered to stop and get her a Frosty at Wendy’s. (We have a rule in our house that whenever she asks for sweets, the answer will always be no. She … Continue reading

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Take It from the Sheep

I saw a lamb born today. We attended the annual lambing at a nearby farm, packed with families of both the human and animal variety. I knew this particular ewe was in active labor, so I waited and watched as … Continue reading

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Sunday Dawn Haiku

For her:Five-year-old ramblerWineries flourish for youInfinite talking For little him:Upside-down zippersHold winters of discontentAll hail the Sleep Sack For big him:Roaring mouth-breatherKids and suns rise while you sleepA wife’s wrath unfolds Copyright 2009 JLF and the Momplex Blog.

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I am sitting in one of my favorite coffee/wine shops. Two women, upwards of 50, are arguing about real estate at at a table nearby. “Don’t tell me that!” one practically shouts at the other, a real estate agent with … Continue reading

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While baby naps… I asked you if you wanted apples or cheese for a snack. You said graham crackers. I asked you to be quiet while you went upstairs.You tip-toed so melodramatically that you fell into the wall. I told … Continue reading

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This won’t be pretty. There will be blood, lots of it. Your hair is going to fall out in big clumps in the drain. You might become chronically anemic. It will be expensive, of course. And you’ll never sleep well … Continue reading

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